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  • Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery

Whether you have virtual servers, physical servers or Office 365 in the Cloud... remaining in control of your data is a must.  With Data Backup and Recovery services from NETLIANT, you get peace of mind knowing your data is being backed up.  We offer onsite and cloud backup solutions to help you recover your data when you need it.

NETLIANT's Data Backup & Recovery services provide:

  • Local Backups – Local data backups mean faster recovery and keeps your business going
  • Cloud Backups – Data backup and replication to a the cloud allows offsite restoration of your data in the event of a disaster
  • Monitoring – Automated alerts and notifications keep backups in check for your peace of mind.

Got Office 365 in the Cloud?

  • Who’s backing up your data?
  • What if your Office 365 hosted email accounts or OneDrive data gets infected by ransomware?
  • Even though Microsoft hosts your data, what is their data retention policy?
  • Is the retention policy the same for Outlook as it is for OneDrive?
  • How far back can you go to recover lost data – yesterday, last week, last month, last year?

Take control of your organization’s data today, whether it's virtual, physical or in the Office 365 Cloud.  For more information on how NETLIANT can assist you with developing a data backup and recovery strategy, give us a call at (858) 248-8000.